What is influencing people to act like savages and get into unwanted violence and rapes?

This doubt is one the famous doubts that is still unsolved without perfect answer. This might sound like a little too much to take in but here are few reasons why people are turning into savages.

You might question why there are so many difference in human beings. There are these real life hero’s like an armed soldiers and the firemen with durable safety workwear queensland trying to help people in their day to day life. To move on from the traumatic situations and help them to live in peace. These people see those nightmare giving scenes and still help people. They just think that they should not also have to get through the same nightmares and sleepless nights.

But, on the other side there are these inhumane creature who feast on the pleasure they get from the innocent people. They are sexually frustrated and would not find some one willing or they are just uncontrolled animals driven by their super powered id instead of the ego like the normal people. According to Freud, a famous psychologist, he states that everything in human life is sexual. He put forth these structural form of human living. He said that while taking a decision, a person has three components that will take part.


One is called as the id who is the devil in us. It has primitive needs and tries to fulfil those needs. It would do whatever needed to get the need fulfilled. The primary needs are hunger, sexual needs and similar others.

Where as there is another factor called the super ego who is the angel in us. It tells us why not to give into the expectations of Id. There is ego which is the reason for the person you are. Ego will try to compensate ids reasons but by finding something more appropriate to find that superego finds it’s peace with the matter.

So when a person is being violent, basically the person’s id is overpowering the other two components. This can be influenced by a series of factors. When someone watches and is more aroused by violence, they tend to get into such prepositions. Then the person is very frustrated person and do not know how to channel it into useful and socially acceptable things like playing a sports. Then, the person was leading an unsatisfied life, therefore, the person wants the people who made him feel miserable feel miserable. There are several other reasons for why people are acting like savages, it is more of a psychological problem than psychiatric problem. They are often deduced as genetically born. But, they were triggered by something to let the genes get activated.

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