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Even though different types of video games were launched in the market, clash royale have attained great familiarity across the world within short span of time. Even though the initial version of this game was launched on March 2016, their latest version on this game was launched on May 2016. A great credible factor which adds interest to the game is they are to be played in real time. This is a multi player game in which both the players are supposed to play in the real time battle. The game play of this game is very interesting that the players cannot give up until the game comes to an end. This is the reason why this game has fans in all age group.


Features of clash royale

Since this game is completely free for its download, anyone who is interested in playing the best video game can prefer downloading it to their mobile device. This game can be installed to the android devices and to the iOS platform. Initially the game was launched both for iOS and Android platform but later the version was upgraded and Clash Royale APK is developed for the android and other platforms. Thus, the users can prefer the download according to the device they possess. The play involves dual players who can play from any part of the world to win the trophies. Especially their new version is considered to be more interesting as many advanced factors are added to the game play.

The interesting game play

The most interesting part of the game is even though the player can download the game for free, they can also play the game with real money. With real money they can earn more number of coins and cards to win the battle at its best. The players who are engaged in the game are supposed to play 12 levels and in these two levels the players are supposed to overcome nine arenas. In the game, the players can increase their standards by updating their cards and if they are interested they can also donate their cards. The player will also be credited with points depending upon the damage they cause to the tower of the opponent player. That is more the damage they cause to their opponent, more the credit they will own. Thus, the players must overcome various challenges and battle in each and every level of this game.

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