The deadly side of smoking and its ill effects

AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is one of the deadliest diseases that has ever affected humanity. While the conventional science is yet to find a cure for the AIDS or a medicine that can control the problems to an almost zero level, the health risk that it poses to the humanity is well known by the world. This is the reason why, many countries and government all over the world are involved in control of the diseases. It is the reason why many countries and companies are pumping in enormous amounts of money for funding the researches that are looking to find a cure for the same. However, the sad state of the international politics and the health scenario is that the world concentrated on a few epidemics which come and go but not on the persistent killer. Smoking is a not injurious to the respiratory organs but it can also cause cancer, which can be deadly. Today, more people around the world die due to cancer caused by the ill effects of smoking than by dying because of the deadly AIDS. This is the reason, why it becomes a pertinent task for the governments all over the world to curb the menace of smoking.

Solutions for the problems of smokers should come from them

In the field of development sciences, it is a known fact that the solutions for the problems are best solved by the people who are suffering from the problem. Anything else will be superficial and will not consider all the aspects of the problem. Similarly the best solution for the health risks caused by smoking has come from a smoker himself, in the form of an e-cigarette. These are devices which evaporate the e liquid which contains the chemicals that can give pleasure and happiness to the smokers. This new process is called vaping and it is a simple solution that has been invented by a man who was almost addicted to smoking. The advantages of using an e-cigarette are that the level of the chemical that one smokes and hence ingests can be controlled as per the liking of the smoker. The concentration of the liquid can adjust and moreover the amount of heat in the device can be controlled leading to a slow and sustained release of the chemicals in the smoke and ultimately, you can control the amount of the intoxicant that gets inside your body. This has reduced the prevalence of cancer in users.

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