The adverse effects on human health by automobile or industrial emission

During the combustion of fuel, certain emissions are done by the engines of automobiles that are then released through the exhaust of the vehicle. During industrial manufacturing a large amount of gaseous components are released as well.  Most of these emissions are harmful to human health and would pollute the environment in such a way that it will create a situation where plant and animal life will not be sustainable. These emissions pose a threat to public health of the general area as well. The numerous emissions have effects that are harmful on their own and almost all of these are harmful.

While the exhaust parts australia and industries do their best to avoid this, should one be negligent enough not to do so, and  considering the emissions by automobiles and the scale of their harmfulness to health, hydrocarbons take the highest spot among them. Hydrocarbons are a product that is made with Carbon and Hydrogen and can take various forms. They are also responsible for environmental effects such as smog while being the cause to diseases such as asthma, liver disease, lung disease and cancer. The dangers of these chemicals should not be underestimated.  Chemicals like Carbon Monoxide can be even fatal in high concentrations. Therefore we should understand that we directly or indirectly pose a death risk to the public around us by not taking care of the exhaust system.


When it is not maintained properly and in absence of proper emission control systems, particles such as soot could be airborne and this could cause many adverse effects as well. Therefore it should be clear that these harmful health conditions are nothing but the fruit of our negligence and selfishness. While the rules and the regulations regarding emissions imposed by the local governments should be followed, something more should be done according to our own capabilities. Such trends can be seen in the modern society and they should indeed continue in the process and grow in scale.

It cannot be made sure that these health conditions will either be reduced or increased in the futures to come due to the fact that there are more problems incoming as fast as we find solutions to the existing problems. However it is our duty and responsibility to know about these adverse effects on human health by automobile and industrial emissions and then do what is possible to reduce and minimize them. Keeping them at the rate they are incoming will only ensure certain death to the environment and human race and it should be avoided at all costs.

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