Setting up the living room

The living room is a room in a residence used for the common household and social activities. The living room is where most guests are expected to go when they enter into someone’s house; because of this the living room should be extremely welcoming. There are ways to set up the living room to achieve this goal. The color as usual is of great importance, dark and dull color is a definite no for living rooms, and living rooms should be painted in bright and wonderful colors. Pink, green, blue or even white are nice colors to play with, in today’s modern society people often tends to decorate their living rooms with patterns instead of painting alone. The patterns or color of paint chosen should be ones that matches the furniture in the living room. The living room should be light and airy which means no excessive furniture should be in there, only the necessary and basic furniture is needed. These include a nice sofa set for people to sit, a nice coffee table, television set, component set as well as other means of entertainment. To make the living room more appropriate a little area should be designed where books and magazines are kept that people can use to occupy their time. The commercial fencing in melbourne should also be equipped with ceiling as well as standing fans to make the place more comfortable, as there is nothing more uncomfortable than being in a hot area. . The floor area should also match the wall and furniture in the living room, this does not necessarily mean that new tiles should be bought, what can be done is that the owner can purchase mats to fit in with the wall and furniture In the room.


For each season of the year the owner of the house should decorate it to suit the season this makes the living room warmer and friendlier. The living room should be decorated with some form of flowers, preferably wall flowers, and the furniture should be arranged in such a way for the quest to feel comfortable, that is the sofa should be facing the tv and not the door . Also there should be both small sizes of sofa in the living room as well as big size, that way each guest can be comfortable. Most people like to have somewhere to rest their feet on when they sit hence a foot piece is very essential for the living room. The lighting in the living room need not be very bright this is because the tv light is often bright enough when using the living room, in addition to that the living room is mostly occupied in the day time when no extra light is needed which means just one small ceiling light is appropriate for the living room. For some house an office space is usually set up in the living room this is for comfort mainly.

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