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The imaginary stories from ancient days are still growing viral among the children and adults, it will remain the same even after years past by through advanced technology. The improvement of several technology applications like 2D and 3D are helping the film directors to produce high quality of visual films revolving around comic characters. Comic characters comes from imaginary world takes part in human activities and also does stunning actions with their super natural powers many of the comic animation films released so far focus on these types of story themes. The main concentration given to these types of comic cons is due to the interest shown by the people and audience as they welcoming it more.


At first films in olden days are played with real stars by dressing them up with the suitable character role and produced their act smartly on the stage. When days pass the introduction of high tech camera used for recording and played as film for the people. Comparing to other normal movies in various genre films taken based on cosplay theme gained much importance around kids. Though we grown up yet we are wishing to compare our character with the super heroes that we saw in comic films. Mostly all of our childhood days revolve around the hero played in those comic films and they are taken as role model in real life.

Big surprise to fans of comic lovers

Among many comic films superman, batman and spider man films are very popular around the world though years pass we can still figure out the diehard fans of those hero’s. By seeing the interest of audience the film makers decided to produce a movie with both superman and batman the story theme focus on, what if both super powers met each other in their world. The film was officially planned in 2003 and the production started in 2013 the making is going on still by using latest technologies like 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D. Due to the years of hard work people are expecting a best outcome from the team. This film is expected to release on 2016 in the name of “dawn of justice”. Viewers are over excited to see the film and waiting for the 2016 hope it will lay as big surprise for all the fans.

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