Beginners’ guide to making profits from their businesses

Is your business or company running at a loss? Are you barely making it through the month after paying all the utilities, pay cheques and other costs of your business? Is your employees inefficient and unproductive? Well, here are some basic tips to get you pointed to the right direction.

  1. a) Identify the problem

Every action has a reaction and every problem has a cause. First of all you must sit down and figure out what is actually wrong with your business. Low profits or losses are the end results. There must be a root cause for such an end result and it is up to you to figure it out. Use something like a business process analysis to find out what is wrong. A business process analysis is basically a system which a company employs to ascertain a specific set of goals and by analysing it the company can judge how well a process works. A business process is simply the day to day steps employed by the business to achieve an organizational goal. You look at the scope of the task and the desired outcome. You can use something simple like a flow chart to map out the process. Note down the specific departments (if it’s a relatively large company) and their inputs and outputs to the process and trace their efficiency (is its outcome higher than the input necessary).


  1. b) Identify the strengths of your company

A SWOT analysis is ideal if you want to find out the weaknesses and strengths in your business. Identifying strengths means that you are one step closer to the solution. It is through the strengths that are present in the business that you can draw out a solution.

  1. c) Look in to the management practices

You must make sure that there are efficient management practices employed in your company that facilitates proper functioning of the institution.

  1. d) Look after your employees

One of the key players in running a successful business is the employees. They are an integral part and parcel of the company without whom it cannot function. You must look after their welfare as well as employment satisfaction. Create a conductive end environment for them to work in and give them incentives (not just monetary) to work.

  1. e) Improve employee relationships

Teamwork is a vital component to any business or company and if the employees don’t know how to work together or don’t want to work together then the whole structure of the company can crash down. You must make sure that send them or give them the opportunity to participate in corporate team building which will increase their capacities to work as a team.

  1. e) Prioritize

There can be several things that have gone wrong in your business but if you are already flexed to your budget’s limit and don’t have a lot to spend in rectifying problems than your best bet is prioritizing. Identify the most important problem that if unattended would lead to mass scale profit losses or problems that if left unattended will become a problem that can’t be remedied within a lapse of small period of time.

Most of all the success of a business or a company lies in the effort put towards it and the strategies employed to overcome them. Be creative when you think up of solutions. Sometimes the best of the solutions won’t even cost you a penny.

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