Are We Putting Normal Average People Into Vulnerable Position?

People are just everywhere and there is a high population density, which is making it hard to supply resources for everyone on earth. There is a huge problem is that we have only limited resources and there are many people in the world whom we should provide which is a hard thing to choose. And many companies has tested and put out their own food items and other stuff that is to make sure that everyone is fed. But; after all money being the chief motive of selling and buying things, these things are found to be very harmful to human beings. And a study has shown that the same product around and across the world is highly varying from place to place. Thus, the same company is producing different quality depending on the consumer.

For example, there was huge issue and coco cola was banned in India. This was because coco cola had some chemical properties that was working as slow poison. This drink was proved and it was too acidic that it was making many problems in gastrointestinal tract. This was found so many years later because of the intellectual property protection in Hong Kong. This is also applies able to many other companies and their respective personal goods. The main intention  of intellectual property protection is to stop any theft of idea and this is punishable and to make sure that someone is not stealing someone else’s product and ideas and reaping the profit for that product.


As good and nice it sounds, since the secrets compositions and other things are hidden from the people, it is hard to understand that what we are eating. It is really hard to understand the small thing in the composition of food. For example, it is said that the preservative in snacks like chips and other stuff is considered to be the cause of several killer diseases. We are being deceived in our own rights, see this pre employment screening companies.

What are we supposed to conclude at? This might be confusing and frustrating that in name of protecting, they are just looting someone of their respective rights to gain the knowledge of the item they are consuming. People are in abundance but we do need to be assured that they are not being poisoned and killed. The odd person on the road for you is someone else’s kid and he or she has a family who would love and care for them. Therefore, the proper content should be displayed in the fact sheets and there can be strict rules implemented if someone tries to steal the ideas.

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